Case Studies


AWS WEB HOSTING had outgrown their current environment and needed help designing, implementing and managing a scalable, flexible and cost effective solution which was able to cope with huge spikes in traffic 24x7x365.

The Challenge

Reliability, Security and Scalability

On legacy systems, there had been no ability to auto-scale, during spikes in traffic, the website would often go down, costing oilprice money. One of the key challenges was to implement a system with zero downtime. Oilprice would utilise a wide variety of AWS features including, EC2, RDS, load balancing and Aurora DB and it is important to have an advanced monitoring solution in place to recognise any potential problems before they arise.

The final solution for Oilprice needed to meet three key points: Reliability, Security and Scalability.

The Solution

Rebura designed the infrastructure with no single points of failure.

The primary website consists of multiple back-end web servers, placed securely behind a multi node load balancer and a multi-az database back-end. The website can withstand multiple server failures without downtime. As with any public facing service security is a key aspect to consider. Rebura also introduced a least privileged security model so that developers and engineers can only access what they require and in order to access any resources multi-factor authentication is required.

Oilprice run lots of promotions and with important Oil news dictating traffic on auto scaling infrastructure was the only design possible. Utilising a wide variety of metrics like CPU, memory and ingress/egress traffic Rebura created auto scaling groups that increase and decrease compute power as and when required.

The Results has achieved 99.999999999% uptime since the solution was implemented

Scalable and cost effective

During peak times, the infrastructure scales up depending on levels of utilisation. This then automatically scales down when not required. Utilising auto-scaling means that oilprice. com only ever pay for the infrastructure they need, without having to waste money on unused assets. When they no longer need the additional storage they no longer pay for it.


The website is fully secure from both external and internal threats. Access is encrypted and there are no publicly accessible elements of the back-end. Internally, developers and engineers can only access what they require and in order to access any resources multi-factor authentication is required.

Fully redundant

By designing and implementing a fully redundant system, spread over multiple geographic locations, Rebura have ensured that experience zero downtime on their website infrastructure. Since coming onboard with Rebura, has seen 99.99999% uptime.